Invoking The Divine Feminine

An Invitation To A Yearlong Divine Feminine Women’s Circle Journey.


imageI am in the process of convening two community circles for women: one, A Circle of Crones, for women aged forty five and above, and the second, The Maiden’s Meet, for women forty four years of age and younger. Ideally the younger women should not be younger than 25.



I will work with each circle on an identified Saturday once a month during the entire year, and will bring the two circles together for an inter generational ceremony at each New Moon and Full Moon. We will close our circles together in an end of year combined retreat.

We will follow the natural unfurling of the seasons, as we honour that which is called forth for expansion and contraction within ourselves.

We will draw on indigenous wisdoms, ancient practices, psychological processes, the expressive arts, and rites and rituals drawn from our own and other cultures as our vehicle.

The themes build on each other; it is therefore not recommended to skip any of the sessions.

I will occassionally invite specialists to our circles to share their wisdom and progress our growth and learning.

The Divine Feminine Circle journey is not based on any one religion. Rather we make space for, and respect what you need to bring to the process.

Currently the circles will be hosted in Cape Town, and am able to to host them in other parts of South Africa, particularly Gauteng, as needed. Please feel free to explore options with me.

I am also able to amend various aspects of the programme to suit your needs for your NGO/NPO groups, or for any other constellations existing in various contexts. Again please let us explore.



Costs: R350 per session if you attend all 12 sessions. Or else R550 per session if you skip two or more sessions. All amounts are inclusive of the bonus New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies (which are optional). You are welcome to arrange a payment plan with me.

The Divine Feminine Circles can only accommodate six women per group. However you are welcome to invite one important person in your life to the New Moon/Full Moon ceremonies.

Each Divine Feminine Circle will run from 15:00 and will conclude at 20:00 hours on the prescribed date. Please bring a small meal and drink to share. Thank you.

To make your booking, here are my contact details: +27 0845803494.

I look forward to walking this journey together.

Ka Lerato 🙏🏾






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