Who Am I?

Who is this being inhabiting a body labeled Makgati Louisa Emma Mokwena?
Who am I beyond this body? Without all the noise that essentially is an extension of this body, comprising things I cherish? Own?
Who am I without my family, friends, tribe, and all the people I pull towards me, only to have them serve as an extension of me?
Who am I without my past?
Without my hope?
My longing and yearning?
Without my disappointments?
My self betrayal?
My traumas and pain and hatred and shame?
Without my missed opportunities?
Without my judgments and opinions and cleverness and achievements?
And titles and entitlements?
Who am I without my fears and failures?
Without my star sign and numerology numbers and 11:11?
Without my preferences?
Who is this me, without all these stories I tell myself about who I am?
About who and how I ought to be?
Who lies beneath and transcends this big veil of unknowing?
I really want to know me, clean, and unfettered by all my stories.
May 2018 bring me closer to the Me I already Am.

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