Love Is

imageA little while ago I went to Blue Water café, a little farm restaurant near my home, for a light meal and drink. I am a regular at the place, and am familiar with many of the waitrons there, some of whom I’ve even befriended.

So it was not unusual that my server, a beautiful woman we shall call Agatha, and I would end up in conversation, in between my order of a glass of Shiraz and a burger a chips, from the kiddies menu (not the Shiraz, obviously).

“Hey, how are you?”I asked her.

She paused, put her little orders book into the big front pocket on her apron, looked into my eyes, and told me this: “I spent time by myself last night. My kids were out, and my husband and I are not so much on good terms, and I ended up spending time alone. I loved it! I had a bottle of rosé wine, and had a lovely bath before bed. This morning I woke feeling like I’m in love! Can you imagine? Just from spending time alone? I think this is what people mean when they talk about loving yourself, and I feel it. It feels so good”!

Wow… She is busy falling in love with herself, even as she is divorcing her husband…

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