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Last weekend I was in the tiny village of McGregor, a meer two hours out of Cape Town, to participate in the McGregor Poetry Festival.

I wasn’t asked to come read my poetry, like many other well known poets. I rather had to apply, and was lucky enough to be successful in my application.

My session was beautiful, drawing a surprisingly full house of a supportive audience. People seemed to find resonance with my poems.

I have to share with you that I was extremely nervous about my poetry before my session, agonizing about how people were going to respond. This loosened my bowels to such an extent that I spent many hours on the toilet, including a mere fifteen minutes before the session. It was rough.

In the end this was a humbling experience for me. I therefore wanted to share what I read with you. Please click on the link to find the poems. It’s only a few of them.


Ka Lerato With love




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