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Spring Day!


Hello everyone!

So it’s been a long time since I last made an entry. Last year March or so, to be precise. A lot has happened on my Pilgrimage year, including the following, in summary:

Thus concluded my year, with a 50% completion of what I had intended on doing on my Pilgrimage Year. But what I received in spiritual nourishment has been invaluable.

But this isn’t what I had set out to write right now. I wanted to reflect on this day, the day of the Eclipse, Spring Day, and the New Moon. Potent times this.

This morning I woke up from sleep feeling like I had been attacked throughout the night, as evidenced in the disarray of my bed when I got up. Plus my very sore body.

This however wasn’t enough to distract my mind from the usual ennui that plagues me upon waking up. A feeling of generalised anxiety that’s actually not evoked by anything in particular.

You see I usually wake up with this something is wrong feeling, travel with my emotional body in search of whatever is off in my life, and attach the ennui to it.

This morning I declared my peace. I’m tired of this. So I decided to try another way. Instead of seeking for things to attach my unhappy feelings on, I’m going to just notice them, and surrender them to a Higher Power. God. Divinity. I don’t actually care what the name is, just that I’m surrendering what I’m powerless to, to that which  has more power, and can therefore help me.

So as I completed my meditation this morning,  I came across these words posted on my Insight Timer’s Contemplative Prayer group’s site:

God you’re my refuge

I trust in you

And I’m safe.

I have committed to repeating this mantra throughout the month of September, as my way of learning to trust, even when I cannot see any light. It is my experiment, to see what will happen to me when I choose to navigate past doubt and anxiety, and replace them with trust.

This is my New Moon, Spring Day and Eclipse commitment. I will keep you informed.









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