World Peace Starts With My Inner Peace”.

My Philosophy
The way I see the world influences how I live my life, and also how I approach my work:

• I believe that all Beings are born Magnificent and Whole, but that as life happens to us, it may well throw a veil over that magnificence, rendering us fearful, unfulfilled, and just plain unhappy. We end up seeing only our not-enoughness, our needing-to-be-fixedness.

This lens of untruth tells us that will attain personal value and worthiness only once we have acquired those things deemed valuable by our tribe: the degree, particular relationship, house in a particular location, job, bank balance and so on. We believe that attaining these will help us feel full within ourselves, and understandably so, dedicate our lives to activities that help us gain these external, untruth-enhancing things.

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with these things in themselves, in fact, they are wholly neutral. We ascribe some value to them by the personal meaning we give them, and since we see them as being able to enhance our status and sense of self, it is a high value we place upon them. However, if we want to live a fulfilled and meaningful life, it would bode well for us to take that inward journey towards that still space of self, and not get lost in the noise of material desire.

I believe that a life lived from one’s centre can bring about lasting happiness, with or without material benefits. Essentially I believe that our lives can be enriched when we live from our centre. Or else the meaninglessness and lack of purpose of our lives leads us to suffering.
From my own life experiences, and from my formal as well as informal training, I recognise that this lifelong journey towards the Inner Spaces of Self, or what is also known as the Heroine or Hero’s Journey, can be painful, and evoke anxiety about what could potentially be met along the way, and at the destination.

Typically though, the gems are scattered along the journey, and need to be recognised for their worth, which will add to the magnificence of what or where we finally get to. We cannot determine the path itself, since it only emerges as one starts walking it. We do however need to trust that it will always emerge, even if it shows up in unexpected ways. In fact we must learn to expect the unexpected, as we consciously take this great journey back to Self.

• I hold that all life happens through relationships, with self, with others, and with our physical environments. I believe that the primary relationship we will ever enter into, however, is with self, which in fact is the gateway to Divinity.

• If you are hearing the Call of your Self beckoning you home, would like to take this journey, and need a companion to help hold this with you, please contact me, and I will walk with you all the way back to Self.

 My name is Makgathi Mokwena, and I am a Rites of Passage Ceremonialist, Healer, Arts Therapist, Yoga Teacher, PerformerPersonal Development Facilitator and Companion.

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